Wellbeing & Engagement

Engagement Events

At River Gum Primary School we host a number of events throughout the year. The objective is to build relationships between our staff, students and families with a keen focus on achievement, wellbeing and engagement.

These include, but are not limited to the following events:
  • Welcome event (Colour Run, Inflatable event after school hours to welcome and celebrate the beginning of the school year with staff, students and families)
  • Harmony Day (With our diverse community, Harmony day is a highlight on our calendar. We celebrate by wearing cultural dress or orange and have range of performances throughout the day)
  • Buddy picnic
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Sausage sizzle days supporting Charity Partners
  • Spelling Bee competitions

Student Voice

The Student Leadership & Voice Team is a group of children elected by their classroom peers. Children are encouraged to speak out and give their opinions and ideas about their learning and how they would like to learn. The team works to action the requests of their peers, to encourage all children to feel engaged within their learning and connected to their school community.

Whole School Approach: Each class selects a class representative per term to offer suggestions, discuss matters that arise or to administer surveys. They meet weekly with student leadership (4 school captains) to action possible outcomes. Student Voice and Leadership are also responsible for looking at one section of the AIP each term. They come up with ideas as to how they can have student driven impact on a section of the AIP.

School Pride

School pride is very important to students at River Gum PS. All students belong to one of the four houses (Orange Dingoes, Blue Tongue Lizards, Purple Parrots and Yellow Cockatoos). The house teams provide our students with an opportunity for some friendly competition in sporting events such as House Athletics, academic events such as Spelling Bee competitions and funs events such as Mario Kart tournaments. At River Gum PS we strongly believe that a strong sense of belonging builds pride in what our students do.

Breakfast Club

Why have a Breakfast Club?

Our Breakfast Club provides an opportunity to not only provide a healthy Breakfast, but to build relationships between students and staff. It also offers a chance for peer interaction and social skill development. We ensure that no child at River Gum Primary School begins their day hungry, offering an opportunity to enhance concentration and learning outcomes. Our Breakfast Club operates five mornings a week.

The Resilience Project

To create resilient learners across the school and equip children with tools and strategies to maintain positive mental health.

Whole School Approach:

We commenced our partnership with The Resilience Project in 2016, delivering staff training. Officially we commenced the Curriculum delivery in 2017. Each year we offer Staff Professional learning with the Resilience Project. Bi-annually we will offer Student Sessions facilitated by The Resilience Project staff. Every student from Foundation through to Grade 6, purchases a Student Journal with their book pack at the commencement of the school year, and the teachers leads them through the curriculum. The four key learning are Emotional Literacy, Mindfulness, Gratitude and Empathy.

The Resilience Project Logo


The Respectful Relationships program is an initiative by the State government, based on developing respect, positive attitudes and behaviours, all of which develop resilience, confidence and healthy relationships now and for the future.

Efforts to promote social and emotional skills and positive gender norms in children has been shown to improve health related concerns. It also reduces anti-social behaviours including engagement in gender related violence. RRRR areas of focus include Emotional Literacy, Personal strengths, Positive coping, Problem solving, Stress management, Help Seeking, Gender and Identity and Gender Relationships. RRRR will run alongside The Resilience Project, with a keen focus on Chapter 7 and 8.