Welfare and Wellbeing

River Gum Primary School is proud to be a Kids Matter School!

Kids Matter is a mental health and wellbeing framework for primary schools. There are 4 components to work through and River Gum Primary School is on their way implementing Component 2.

The four Components are:
  1. Positive school community
  2. Social and emotional learning for students
  3. Working with parents and carers
  4. Helping children with mental health difficulties

During the last year the Kids Matter Action Team have worked together with the wider school community and raised the importance of having a positive school community, where every face has place and everyone feels like they belong!

Staff members have undertook professional development sessions on understanding mental health and wellbeing, designing a positive school community, relationships and belonging and developing the practices of a positive school community.

The Kids Matter Action Team worked with Student Voice to raise awareness for mental health and wellbeing by making and selling over 300 yellow cupcakes. Money raised was given to the RUOK? Foundation. Students also had discussions in their classroom with their teachers about what it means to not be ok and how we can help our friends and classmates when they are down.

Positive Postcard Competition

In 2015 we had our very first Positive Postcard Competition where all students had the opportunity to create a postcard design. Students had to think about wellbeing, feeling included and how we can be happy and healthy at school. There was such an overwhelming response we had two winning designs this year! The Positive Postcard competition will become an annual event.

Teachers and staff use the Positive Postcards to strengthen relationships with students and parents. On a weekly basis teachers and staff write a postcard to students in their class, which is sent to their home.

Caught Being Kind!

Caught Being Kind is a regular assembly award presented by Student Voice leaders and given to students who have been caught being kind to their fellow classmates, teachers and staff.

Circle solutions

At River Gum Primary School, classroom teachers run Circle Solutions!

The Circle Solutions gives students an opportunity to learn about their feelings and better ways of expressing strong emotions, such as anger and frustration. Teachers facilitate discussions around emotions, issues like bullying, how to be a good class mate, what it means to be a friend and students have the chance to share their own experiences. Circle Time is about social and emotional learning and developing those very important friendships and student teacher relationships.

Every Face Has A Place at River Gum Primary School

Our Kids Matter display shows the wonderful, unique individuals that make up our beautiful school. Every face at River Gum Primary School has a place!

Student Wellbeing Protocol

The entire staff worked together to create River Gum Primary School’s mental health and wellbeing protocol. This important document reflects the passion and dedication of teachers and staff when it comes to supporting our student’s wellbeing and happiness.

At River Gum Primary School all staff members will promote positive relationships. Teachers and staff will assist students in their social and emotional learning through the school curriculum.

We will do this by modelling appropriate behaviours and showing our human side. We will validate the feelings of students and let them know that we are always there to offer support and encouragement. Teachers will run Circle Solutions daily or as it suits the needs of their students. This will give teachers and staff the opportunity to remember specific information about their students and successfully build positive relationships.

As staff members we will show our students that we care about them and their wellbeing at River Gum Primary School.