Curriculum: Specialist

Science and Technology

In Science & Technology, students have the opportunity to learn about programming, robotics, electronics, woodwork, and landscaping. Through the SciTech program, students are given the option of participating in the RoboCup Junior and FIRST Lego League competitions.

Physical Education

At River Gum Primary School we are focused on giving our students the opportunity to develop an active and healthy lifestyle. The students are continually building on their skills to give them the confidence to be physically active within our society. By giving students confidence it builds positive attitudes, values and understanding on how our community works together and supports one another. Within our Physical Education classes, we offer our students many opportunities for them to be physically active.

River Gum Primary School P.E. Programs

PMP Program: The program is designed to develop younger students’ basic movement skills.

Bike Ed and Road Safety Program: Students learn how to ride safely on paths.

Games Sense Games: These include invasion, net and court, striking and fielding games (i.e. Football, Netball, Soccer, Tennis, Cricket, Softball)

Health and Fitness: Students learn how to live a healthy and a holistic lifestyle.

Athletics: This includes the school’s annual House Athletics Carnival at Casey Fields.

Dance: Students learn how dance is utilised for creativity and the important role it plays in many cultures.

Interschool Sports Program: Students participate in Interschool sport, Lightning Premierships, Gala Days, Swimming and Athletics Carnivals.

Hampton Park Peer Mentor Program: River Gum has a working relationship with Hampton College where their students assist with coaching and umpiring the interschool sport program.

School Swimming Program: Students learn how to swim and are taught about general water safety.


At River Gum students learn how to play musical instruments using the songs they love. Regular performances (in class and assemblies) for the students gives them clear expectations and goals to work towards throughout the term.


Through practical and hands on Art activities students will record what they see and know, explore their imagination, express what they feel and come to understand the language of Art and understand the role of artists. The students will begin to understand how we use elements and principles of Art to make visual representations and build upon their skills gained from the year before.


At River Gum we do gardening both around our school and in our vegetable garden. We are currently planting natives around our frog pond to increase biodiversity. We hope to plant lots more natives around our school in the future. We also plant lots of fruits and vegetables such a pumpkins, carrots, strawberries, beans, lettuce and much much more! We love getting our hands dirty in the garden!